Récepteur Weatronic Gizmo 12-22 R gyros 24

Vendeur : laurent_lebrun
Ville/Région : Sart-Dames-Avelines
Pays : Belgique
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Integrated, double current (power) supply ensures the loss free and automatic switching to the reserve battery and in addition the warning thresholds are adjustable
Battery test when powering on guarantees a reliable battery health status check on each use of the model. Also there is a warning if the battery test failed

SD-memory card slot as the "Black Box" (flight data recorder)
8 separate servo banks short-circuit safe and voltage regulated (each bank can be adjusted to “low - 5.5 Volt” or “high - 7.4 Volt”)
Switchboard (external on/off switch, binding)
2 antennas inputs (SMA plug)
Simple, individually programmable channels / or complex functions
Failsafe programming (failsafe-position or hold-position)